Pacifica Tribune 2014 Candidate Questions

Victor Spano

Why are you running for office?

I live in Fairmont with my wife Carmen and my son, John, a fourth grader at Cabrillo. I first thought of running for office long ago when working at Daly City City Hall during the 1990s.I was first inspired by Mike Guingona. Here was a young guy, young as me, running for office, winning and making a difference. I recently wrapped up a long career as a municipal employee. I know what municipal employees are going through, and now I want to make a difference on the Council side of things. As I lived in Broadmoor until 2007, I could not run for any council. But soon after I bought my house here in Pacifica, I noticed all the vacant storefronts and wanted to apply my expertise in economic development, so I volunteered to help out and was appointed to the Economic Development Committee, which I served on between 2011-2013, including as chair. I floated some trial balloons discussing the possibility of running with some EDC members. Len Stone and Mary Ann Nihart encouraged me to run, Sue Digre signed my nominating petition, and in November 2012, I did not do too badly for an unknown, coming in second, or actually statistically tying with Rich Campbell. I was encouraged by some business people to try again in 2014, and here I am.

I made an offer on the Beach Boulevard site earlier this year on behalf of an overseas investment group to do the program — hotel, townhouses, retail, restaurant, vetted by the neighborhood, but the city was not ready. I want the city to jump start the Beach Boulevard project, with or without a library. Like many in town, I want to preserve library services in the south part of town. While many are gung-ho about a new $35 million library, I’m more concerned about the condition of our two fire stations (said to be seismically questionable,) as well as issues brought to my attention regarding the North County Fire Authority by some former employees. A second dog park for north part of town and a new bike/skateboard park near Park Mall or Frontierland would work for me too. I wrote the letter to the editor regarding Council Member Mike O’Neill’s slide show about capital improvement projects and how the northeast parts of town were “left out.” I am hoping those living in the northeast part of town will come out and support representation or better representation for their neighborhoods by voting for me. While the folks down the hill argue about Highway One, I want to shift some attention to Skyline Boulevard and get the Council to request Caltrans do a feasibility study for improving that road. As for Highway One, I believe the road should be improved; however, if there are attributes that can be changed beforehand, let’s look at them. I’m open minded.

Is this your first political office?


What’s your profession?

Retired Economic Development Coordinator.

Are you involved with any local organizations?

President Elect of Pacifica Rotary and Contest Chair for Fog Fest Organizing Group, member, Pacifica Chamber of Commerce. I want to get more involved with Fairmont Subdivisions Improvement Association in the future.

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