2012 Campaign Gathering – Pacifica Tribune

Victor Spano gathers campaign supporters to share his vision for city if elected to council

By Jane Northrop

POSTED:   10/24/2012 05:28:13 AM PDT0 COMMENTS| UPDATED:   2 YEARS AGO

Victor Spano last Thursday gathered some campaign supporters at Mary Brown’s insurance office for an informal discussion about his vision for Pacifica’s future if he is elected to the City Council.

Spano, the economic development coordinator for Daly City, has a real estate development degree from the University of Southern California and an extensive network of classmates from which to draw potential business to Pacifica.

Spano said he’s interested in taking proposals for the quarry, Beach Boulevard and Eureka Square. His priority for Pacifica is to fill vacant stores.

To be successful, Spano said he believes Pacifica needs to grow. And for that to happen Spano said he hopes the city can attract a developer to do condominium and apartment projects.

The Pacifica City Council appointed him to the Economic Development Committee, where along with Oceana Market owner Vasu Narayanan he launched the Oceana Art Gallery in Eureka Square. Other projects he’s working on include a movie night screening and a new business incubator.

Spano also is a member of the Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee and hopes to draw sports groups for meets in Pacifica.

He opposes the city’s ordinance requiring homeowners to repair their lateral sewer pipes when selling their houses and is against all other sales restrictions.

Brown said she supports Spano because he can give Pacifica the boost it needs.

“We’re hopeful things will be improving,” she said.


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