Chamber Happenings: “Vote Your Conscience”

By now, if you are a “Vote by Mail” voter, you have got your ballot for the upcoming Pacifica elections, which are highlighted by votes on a Tax on Cannabis and Rent Control.  Many people have asked, “Does the Chamber have a position?”, or “Would the Chamber Endorse?”, either way?  It is important to remind that the Chamber is membership driven organization, and that we as a body are not endorsing any of the measures, either yes or no, however, individual members of the chamber, and it’s officers are free to endorse as they please.  Pacifica Chamber of Commerce is now “informational only” on political issues,  So with that said, I urge you to Vote your conscience on these issues at hand, and be sure to show up at the polls if you are not a “Vote by Mail” voter.  I know that those on either side of the Rent Control issue are working very hard, doing “Grass Roots” efforts, are passionate, with compelling arguments, to those supporters, it is important that you continue in trying to reach every voter to let them know your perspectives until election day.
Our annual Oktoberfest, held September 30, was a great success, attracting a crowd of about 150.  One highlight of this years festivities were the beer samples given out by our new member Pedro Point Brewing Company which gave out several varieties, including an amazing Cocoa flavor.  We had our costume contest, and Debbie Runne from Dial Window and Glass won the honor of Ms. Pacifica Oktoberfest!  Of course the day would not have been complete without the fantastic German fare prepared by our host, Kevin Ramsay of Sharp Park Resturant.  Thanks to all who came out and participated.  A special hand goes out to Archie from Cannabis Wellness Center who went above and beyond to help us out as a volunteer before, during and after our event.
On October 6th, we had a ribbon cutting at West Manor Wellness.  Chamber Board members were given the treat of education on various cannabis products by the staff there.  It was a fun celebration featuring great pizza from Curry & Kebab at Fairmont Shopping Center.  Speaking of Fairmont, the Chamber welcomes ‘MATHNASIUM’ as a new member and new addition to that revitalizing shopping center.
Our thoughts have been with the residents of the North Bay affected by the massive firestorm up there.   We have been in touch with Courtney Conlon, our former CEO, who now lives in Sonoma, with her daughter and grandchildren.  She and husband Allan were okay and not evacuated as of this writing, she remains in our thoughts and prayers.  We encourage you to donate to the charity of your choice that can assist those who have lost their homes and/or businesses.  As a result of an advisory by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District advisory against outdoor activities, we had to postpone our October 14th golf tournament.  We will advise of the new date soon.