Summer 2018

I left my board seat and President title on  Chamber of Commerce last February after getting a job offer I could not refuse down in San Jose with my favorite real estate property management and development company.  Best wishes to the Chamber, they have been doing a great job with the Chamber events and functions.

As I left, there was a big brouhaha about a flier that I helped produce with the realtors about a sea level rise meeting.  (Some chamber members who happened to be realtors and members of the Pacifica Sea Level Rise committee)   City Manager apparently called chamber CEO  to complain about the flier, which simply publicized the meeting and asked the same questions the Sea Level Rise Citizen Group members had asked.  Council woman said at Council meeting “The Chamber and SAMCAR is putting out disinformation”.   What happened in the aftermath was that the Planning Department added some more transparency and public comment opportunities, so I’m satisfied I left the chamber on a good note as transparency and public comment activities are great things.   Whatever product they come up with to submit to the state will be so much better.

Local Gadfly buzzed in 2016 about me running for Council again, and who knows might do the same this summer.  No plans to.  No interest.  Too busy.   Gadfly should run!  He’d do pretty good in my view.